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video production

Dror Levi Films

We love shooting mitzvah videos

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Mazal Tov

Mazal Tov and Siman Tov. My name is Dror Levi (yes, I am Israeli) and I have been in the video production business for nearly twenty years.  In the past seven years, most of the events I filmed are mitzvahs, and almost all are in the Miami area, Pinecrest, and coral gables.  I have often filmed in Temple Beth AM, Temple Judea, Temple shire, and many more in the Miami area. I have been where you are right now. I know the filling. My wife and I went through that with My daughter's mitzvah Noy and, two years later, my son Yahel.'s mitzvah. So I know the pressure, emotions, and happiness. As a videographer and editor, my job is to capture emotions. Mom is crying during the service. Father trying not to cry. And then the party when you are so happy because it is about over,  No more Hebrew lessons, No more party planning.

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